Dog Has Frightening Underwater Confrontation With River Otters

Vancouver Island is one of the places in the world where you can spot adorable otters swimming and playing. But that playfulness doesn’t always cross the species boundary. A playful day on the beach turned into a horrifying nightmare.

An Unexpected Attack

Claudia Campbell’s dog walker brought her pup, Goldie, to Victoria Beach recently, and let the dog go off leash to play. Goldie loves playing in the water and went bounding towards the shoreline. Goldie then became distracted by something moving in the water and ran in after it.

That something was a trio of otters. But they didn’t play nice with Goldie. Instead, they attacked the dog. The otters pulled Goldie under the water, biting the dog and almost drowned him.

The dog walker was able to rescue Goldie, and the dog endured only minor injuries–but it could have been worse. If the dog walker hadn’t intervened in time, Goldie could have been severely hurt–or worse.

“As much fun as it is to watch otters running along the beach, swimming, and playing, they are not the kind of creature you want to meet in a dark alley,” the post says.

A Warning

The Kindred Spirits Veterinary Hospital in Victoria issued a warning on Facebook not to allow dogs off leash if otters are spotted on or near the beach. The Capital Regional District website warns that as members of the weasel family, otters will attack if they feel threatened. These otters must have gotten the wrong vibes from the playful pup that he wanted to attack them rather than play with them. Otters may be cute and adorable, but we must remember not to go near them in case something like this happens again.

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Source: Herald News

Images Source: Pixabay

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