Dog hilariously gives sibling a hug on command, the internet is laughing out loud

In general, pets bring happiness and love into their human’s life. Particularly, dogs bring a special bond and loyalty to a human. In this video, you can clearly see an example of the joy dogs bring.

Two dogs, one gray and one brown, are both of similar breed sitting beside each other. Behind them, you can see Christmas lights along the brick fireplace and various decorations. Adding to the festivity, the dogs are wearing Christmas bandanas around their necks. Immediately, the video gives off the sense of warmth often felt around the holiday season. You can tell there is plenty of love to go around in this environment.

Watching their owner intently, the dogs await a command and hope that a delicious treat follows their obedience. Well, they get what they are waiting for. A female voice arises and commands the gray dog, Penny, to hug the other pup. Strangely, the dogs do not listen to her command right away. Again, she commands them, but this time she calls it a

“Christmas hug.”

Immediately, Penny listens and jumps to wrap her front legs around the brown dog. Examining the video a little closer, you can almost see a smile appear on both dogs’ faces.

Then, the dogs begin barking in a way that seems they are sharing their excitement with their owner. Following the hug, the female tosses the gray dog a treat for her obedience. After that happens, the other dog looks at the owner as if to say,

“Where’s mine at?”

Because of their actions and similar looks, it becomes easy to wonder if these dogs are siblings. It appears they might have come from the same mother and spent their whole lives together. If you don’t think so, look at how they appear similar in the breed, age, size, and even their coat patterns.

Videos like this one give people the confidence to deal with the risks and challenges that come along with owning a dog. By seeing the loving relationship that comes with it, they would not want to live their life without such a special bond.

If you aren’t convinced that owning a pup is the best thing you can do, watch the video, and we are sure you will rethink it!

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