Dog Impresses Entire Crowd at a Parade

During a parade in Mexico, a dog decided to join in on the fun happening. This dog jumped right in with no hesitation. He totally stole the show!

Traditionally in Mexico, weddings are very large celebrations. They even have parades in the bride and grooms honor. The parade is usually filled with bright and beautiful colors. Another amazing factor of the parade is the dancers that twirl in their large dresses. Along with all these many features, the parade also includes puppets or “mojigangas” of the bride and groom.

During this particular celebration, one of the spectators enjoyed himself so much, that he had to join in. He was not just any observer. He was a dog!

But his label did not stop him from enjoying the parade. He hopped right in and began to dance along with the rest of the people. Everyone around the dog was amazed by his excitement and coordination.

If you watch the video below, you will see this awesome dog literally dance. He spins when the woman spins and jumps too! The sight is absolutely astonishing.

Alan Gómez, a man in the audience, actually captured the entire thing. He recorded as the dog unknowingly impressed the entire world! Along with making this crowd go nuts, he also thoroughly amazed the internet too. People all around the globe are sharing his video. Who couldn’t, it is simply crazy!

This dog definitely needs to be in a circus or dancing act after this impressive performance! Not only does he have better dancing skills than all dogs, but than most humans.

If you are interested in seeing more, watch the video below of this dog performing! You will not believe it!

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Posted by Alan Gómez on Thursday, February 7, 2019

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