Mom Can't Find Family Dog–She Finds Him In Her Baby's Crib

Dogs bond with their families almost immediately. Especially, dogs bond with the kids in a different way. Somehow, dogs understand how to behave with kids and treat them with the utmost respect and very gentle. And dogs with babies is always the most cutest thing ever in existence. What’s better than babies with their puppy or cat friend?

Just look at this little guy with his sister. Seriously, take a look at this video of a Boston Terrier pup with a baby girl in her crib. Honestly, it seems pretty amazing. This dog has much more tolerance than any of us.

The adorable baby thinks it would be funny to tug on the dog’s ears. While most of us would not tolerate this, the excited pup just sits back and takes it. Just to make sure, the baby was not tugging too hard on the dog’s ears to cause him pain. It was very playful and he wasn’t in danger.

This mom looked all over her house for her dog. He was nowhere to be found and the last place to check was the baby’s room. Eventually, she found him in the crib with her baby.  She should’ve known he’d be right with his best friend. Watch as the cute and crazy Boston Terrier interacts playfully with the baby.

Mom then tells him to get out of the crib, and he wasn’t having it! He’s adorably disobedient wanting to stay with his best friend. After all, why would you even want to leave each other’s side? We know we wouldn’t! It’s too adorable and we can’t stop watching this video over and over because of how funny and cute it is!

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