Dog is found living in a landfill, rescuers know they have to save him

When Crystal Carson saw a photo of a sweet Kangal Shepherd dog, Kratos, she was devastated. Her animal loving instincts forced her to do something for the poor dog. Once she found out Kratos lived in a landfill, she knew she had to rescue him.

One day while Carson was browsing the internet, she came across a photo of Kratos. This adorable dog was definitely ill. After one look at him, she knew he was malnourished. Later the animal lover found out he also had a case of Mange, which made him bald in several parts of his body. The only problem with resuing Katos was that he lived in Turkey. Carson comments,

“I thought, ‘Oh my God. You’ve got to be kidding me. He looks so old. You could literally see every rib on him and his spine. I’m thinking, ‘This dog is not going to make it. Some dogs seem to look directly into your soul from their pictures — that’s the only way I can explain it.”

Carson is the co-founder of Rescuers Without Borders. This company goes out and rescues animals from all over the world. RWB got in contact with Gokce Erdogan, a rescuer close to the landfill. Before winter they needed to save him. So the team went out and saved the 8-year-old dog from his filthy home, the landfill.

As soon as they returned to the treatment center, they helped Katos. All the medical care he needed was given to him. And they were happy to do so. His personality made it so easy for them to take care of him. Katos was a gentle giant, and very loving. The rescuers knew they did the right thing.

The good news is that Katos hair began to grow back. But the bad news is that there are more dogs living in the same landfill. Bring awareness to the situation by sharing this with friends!

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