German Shepherd Kept Peeking Over Fence–Neighbor Does Nicest Thing For Her

When sitting in your garden, you often hope to relax with some privacy. Hence, the reason most people install fences. Sometimes, fences don’t keep all the nosey neighbors out. Jennifer Bowman figured this out.

One day, Jennifer sat in her backyard with her dog. She heard a strange squeak come from her fence.

Seeing something move out of the corner of her eye, she glanced over. She saw nothing.

 Looking away, she heard the noise again. Quickly turning her head, she saw a funny face looking at her.

Turns out, her neighbor’s German Shepherd, Penny, seemed desperate to see what they were up to. She jumped up over the 6-foot tall fence just to see.

To make the dog’s life easier, she pulled out her electric drill. She created three holes for the dog’s eyes and nose.

Jennifer’s neighbors thought she would be annoyed by Penny’s antics. However, she found it hilarious. Now, the pup can peer into their yard whenever she wants without bothering her.

Check out the video below!

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