Dog Jumps In Pool During Wedding And Tries To Dry Off On The Brides Dress


Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. There are the flowers, the dress, who to invite and the list of things to do goes on and on. Everything is planned out so that the big day is special and perfect. Savannah Bordeau’s wedding planning was no different. She left nothing to chance and had the details all set. But then something happened totally unexpected when her dog decided to go for a pool swim mid-ceremony.


Savannah Bordeau

Bordeau’s dog Finn was all dressed up with a bow tie to watch his mom get married. He was being a good boy, but then the temptation of the swimming pool became too much for him to ignore. He went over to the edge and jumped in. That was enough to elicit laughs from the guests. Finn swam around much to the delight of the people, but then he did something no one saw coming.


Savannah Bordeau
Savannah Bordeau

“He decided to get out and shake all over the groomsmen,” Bordeau said. “Then he sprinted through a flower bed, and ultimately ended up wrapped in my dress.”


Savannah Bordeau

Finn’s Wedding Ceremony Stunts Happened So Quickly


Savannah Bordeau

Finn’s antics totally changed a perfectly planned outdoor wedding. Shaking on the groomsmen and then getting the bride’s beautiful and pristine white wedding dress dirty would have many brides upset. But Bordeau wasn’t just any bride. She is Finn’s human mom. And seeing her pup act like that, just made the wedding more special. “I honestly wouldn’t change a thing,” Bordeau said.


Savannah Bordeau




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