Dog Kicked off Police Force for Being Too Friendly, What Happens Next Makes Me Smile

If you have ever had a run in with the law you know that Police Officers are a unique bunch.  There is a certain sternness each officer has to have to ensure that criminals are intimidated by them. Being too friendly or extremely excitable is usually the first thing you look for when choosing a dog as a pet.  In this case Gavel, the German Shepard just didn’t fit in with the stern officers.

Have you ever heard of a dog being kicked out of police dog training program for his “friendly demeanor”?  That’s what happened to Gavel.   Now Gavel wasn’t just tossed into a shelter for adoption something truly awesome happened to him.

The staff weren’t sure at first but then came up with a smart solution….with his friendly nature he would do great in POLITICS!

Now, Gavel is living in the official home of the Queensland Governor, as the Vice-Regal Dog.

Gavel no longer has to worry about criminals falling in love with him as he chases them.  Now he goes to political functions and is on the welcoming committee for guests at the Government House.

“Every living being has gifts to use in our own way, it’s just a matter of being given the chance to find our niche. Clearly, Gavel has found his!!”

I think Gavel just wanted to be a dog and not a crime fighter.  If this story made you smile like and share with your friends.

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