Dog Knows His Owner's Scent Even Though He Passed Away Years Ago

As lucky as we are to have great senses, our senses do not compare to those of some animals. Sure, we have a good sniffer, but not nearly as good as dogs. One dog has 300 million receptors in its nose. Humans only have 6 million. Dogs also have a part of a brain that is solely devoted scent and processing smells.

When a chihuahua came across a smell that was all too familiar, he had to stop for a moment. Paquito, the pooch, could smell his passed owner’s scent from his old clothes.

Evlyn Castro’s uncle died about six years ago. Before he died him and Paquito had an inseparable Bond.

“They were very attached.”

Her uncle made it know that Paquito was not just a dog to him: he was much more. The dog was a son to him. They would do everything together, so when he died Paquito was absolutely devastated.

Unfortunately, her uncle died of an illness and suddenly, so his family willingly took Paquito in. They could tell how upset the pooch was; they did everything in their power to make him feel at home. Finally, Paquito got used to his new family.

One day Evlyn decide to go through old boxes. During this process, she came across a box full of her uncle’s stuff. When she opened it she was saddened by the reaction of Paquito. The little chihuahua ran over to the pile and indulge the scent of his best friend. Castro describes the scene:

”We took out all the clothes and put them on the floor to finish drying. As soon as we did, Paquito ran in. He laid down on top of the clothes and spent a long time smelling and snuggling them.”

The dog sat there and enjoyed the scent for a while. The family sat and watched the capturing moment.

“He did not want to move away from the clothes. It was very emotional.”

The love Paquito had for his father was hard to miss that day. But there is beauty in knowing that Paquito’s daddy lives on inside him every day.

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