Dog Left in Storm Drain to Die–See What Happens After She's Found

It’s bad enough leaving a dog in a storm drain, but trapping her there is beyond criminal–it’s evil. That’s exactly what happened to Goldie. Her owner abandoned her in a storm drain and then covered the drain so she couldn’t get herself out.

Her owner, meant to give her a lovely life, left her for dead. As if getting left in a storm drain isn’t bad enough, rainwater repeatedly drenched Goldie. She endured torture.

From Horrible to Worse

Goldie spent an entire month in the storm drain. By the time a local Good Samaritan found her, she seemed likely to die. Starved, Goldie couldn’t walk or eat. There was plastic in her body. Vets were ready to surgically remove it, but didn’t know if she would survive the procedure.

A Shred of Hope

The vet stabilized Goldie enough for her procedure, but she wasn’t out of the woods yet. With Mega Esophagus (M.E.), she still regurgitated everything she ate. Her severe malnourishment led to pneumonia and because of emaciation, lifesaving medicines delivered via IV kept ripping her skin. She also had a fungal infection.

The Road to Recovery

Goldie went to stay at her foster home. There, she met Shem, another foster dog who became her constant companion while she healed. Even though she still couldn’t stand, Goldie wagged her tail if someone walked near her.

Two months later, she had enough energy to play for a few minutes with Shem and other pups at the foster home. Even so, she still had problems. Her lungs weren’t strong, and her skin got worse. Her foster parents feared no one would want to adopt her.

So instead of counting her as a failure, Goldie’s foster family became her forever family. They adopted her, even though she  requires special treatments. A year after her rescue out of the storm drain, Goldie is stronger. She can stand on her own. She can play, and her vet visits have decreased in frequency.


Watch Goldie’s story:

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