Dog Lived Entire Life Chained Up He Finally Gets to Run For First Time, Precious

Old habits can be hard to break. For many people, tying a dog out on a leash and collar is normal.  Some dogs have never been in a house, or even off a chain their whole lives.  This story shows how one dog lived chained up for 3 years.  There are countless others just like him living a life of constant imprisonment on a tether.

Peanut was going on 3 years old.  He had been tethered in a rural Pennsylvania yard without any companionship. Russelline Steinbuhler heard about Peanut through an organization called HOPE. HOPE works with owners who keep dogs chained up full time.   Steinbuhler explains, “My daughter volunteers with HOPE, and they got a lot of calls about this dog, but it’s too far for them to go. They’re about an hour away, and nobody could make the commitment to get to that dog all the time.”  Steinbuhler decided to make the commitment to visit Peanut.

A relationship was established with the owners and Steinbuhler.  The owners allowed Steinbuhler to come and visit with and play with the dog.  Then they allowed her to make Peanut’s life better.  “We started off by giving Peanut a new dog house, new bowls, a new tether and a new collar,” Steinbuhler explains. “The new tether was long enough that he could reach some grass to lie down. When we showed up the next time, he was really enjoying the grass. He was smiling. It was like he was a different dog.”

Freedom At Last

Then something happened for the dog’s own good.  The owner’s agreed that Peanut would have a better life without someone who didn’t keep him on a chain full time.  They gave up Peanut to HOPE.  Peanut was given a bath, and lots of attention and then he got to do something he never did in his entire life. He was given the chance to run and play off of a chain.

 Enjoy this video of seeing Peanut being set free for the first time.

Thankfully tethering laws are changing in Pennsylvania.

Dogs need so much more than just basic needs of food and water.  Much like humans, dogs need affection and to know friendship.  They also need physical activity. Tethered dogs get to survive without really living life.  Thank you Russelline Steinbuhler and HOPE giving Peanut a new lease on life.

If you’d like to learn more about HOPE or make a donation please visit their site here. Share with friends.

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