Dog Has Lump Removed, The Tearful Moment He’s Reunited With Owner He Won’t Let Go


Recently, a video of a heartwarming reunion went viral. After this dog got a serious surgery on its neck, the video shows it being reunited with his owner.

The Labrador named Jack Daniel underwent a surgery to remove the lump on his neck. There was no doubt, the experience was traumatic for both the owner and the dog.

Sending our pets off to the vet for procedures, we constantly hope they know it is to help them. Nobody likes seeing loved ones sick, and people consider pets their loved ones. This time was especially scary because this dog had a lump on his neck.

In the end, his surgery ended up being a success, and just in time for the holidays, the two reunited.

The short clip shows a Christmas decorated room with a tree and presents. In front, the owner sits with the dog nestled with him. Clasping the man’s shoulders, the dog huddles into his owner’s chest, the result makes it appear as if he’s a child.

Looking peaceful and thankful, the man strokes his back and kisses the dogs head. At one point, it appears there are tears in the owner’s eye.

The video blew up on the internet. Worldwide, people feel for the owner and the dog. I know I was feeling anxious when my pups went in for routine neutering.  I missed them so much.  During that time I hoped that they knew they would see me again.

If you have had your pet to the vet for surgery share your story in the comments we would love to hear from you.

Man and Dog Hug After Surgery

Man and his dog hug after surgery, and we're in tears 😭

Posted by PeopleTV on Thursday, December 7, 2017

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