Dog Managed To Travel 2000 Miles After He Escaped From His Fence–No One Knows How

At Animals Being Cute, we think that every animal is a special soul. The dog you are about to meet, however, is also somewhat of a legend right now. Somehow, after he got loose from his yard, he managed to travel 2000 miles away from home on his own.

If Jake’s story doesn’t touch your heart, nothing will.


It was a typical day in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania when Adam Herbaugh left his house with his two dogs for a walk. He never guessed that he would return home with an extra dog.

While Adam and his puppers were near a local YMCA, he heard a jingling sound. When he turned around, he spotted a large brown coonhound hot on his tail. The dog was all alone, though, it was his collar making jingle noises with each step.

Adam jokingly asked the dog if he would like to come home with him. Only, the dog didn’t know he was joking. When Adam got back, the hound was still following closely behind.


It didn’t take long for Adam to realize that the well-mannered dog must be someone’s very lost pet. He didn’t have a clue, though, just how lost.

Image via A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue Facebook

He took the sweet boy to Companion Animal Hospital where the staff scanned him for a chip. Adam’s suspicions were confirmed. The dog, named Jake, did indeed have a microchip. The real shocker to everyone in the room was that Jake is registered in Arizona, a full 2,000 miles away.


Can you imagine the phone call for Jake’s parents?

The animal hospital called A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue for help in locating Jake’s family. When the president of the rescue, Renae Metz heard his story, she jumped right in to help.

At that point, Jake had been missing for nearly a year and a half. No one can figure out how the little dude managed to get so far, though.

“The initial reaction was complete shock.,” said Metz.

Now, all that was left was to get Jake home. His parents just had a brand new human baby, so travel was out of the question for them at the moment. So, Metz and her team went to work.


Next, Metz’s sister sat down and managed to map out an epic road trip for Jake to get him home to his parents. She used donations and social media and somehow, a scant five days later, the final legs of Jake’s journey began.

Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue

So far, everyone that had contact with Jake fell head over heels in love with the sweet boy.

“Jake is an amazing dog,” said Metz. “He is kind and gentle and very well-trained.”

But wait, there was one more step. Jake needed a road trip t-shirt. They made him his very own custom shirt that said, “Arizona or bust.”

Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue

People across the country stepped up, and Jake was on his way home. He traveled with rescuers and changed hands a few times. Overall, Jake made a ton of new friends in Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue

At each stop, Jake collected new hugs, new buddies, and new signatures on his custom t-shirt.

Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue


In total, Jake somehow traveled over 2,000 miles from home. Then, on his way back, it took 30 stops, 20 drivers, and three slumber party sleepovers, but Jake was finally back in Arizona and back with his dad for the last leg of the journey.

Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue

Jake’s family is over the moon to have the sweet boy back where he belongs.

Jake’s Mom finally made it home from work!! He obviously missed his mom!!

Posted by A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue on Monday, May 21, 2018

And I bet Jake is equally as excited to be back in his forever home finally.

Feature Image via A Darrah Bully Bull Rescue

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