Dog Mom Is Scared To Leave Her Precious Baby, Writes Sitter List Of Rules, They Go Viral

Dogs are part of the family and DogMoms are a force to reckon with if anything happens to their babies.  In this story, Tommy Rivers agreed to pet sit his aunt’s dog Pepper for the day he was left speechless when he arrived with the Do’s and Don’ts  list.

When he saw the set of rules he was to live by he literally laughed out loud.  Some of them were so hilarious it even made Twitter fall in love with his aunt and of course, Pepper.

The list auntie left for him was specific telling him everything the day in the life of Pepper consisted of ….maybe even more.

It began stating Pepper was the most beautiful girl in the world and ends with “don’t you hate her cause you ain’t her”.  LOL see that’s hilarious.

The Internet just couldn’t take it and kept asking for updates on the dog.  Tommy posted an adorable photo of Pepper in pajamas: “you made her really happy and now she’s going to bed.”

Speaking from experience I have written notes that were 2 pages long to take care of my fur babies.  How about you?  SHARE your comments and SHARE with your friends.

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