Dog notices something is off with the babysitter

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Dogs are always looking out for their family members. Although we do not always look at them as protectors, they can be. When a family from Charleston, South Carolina had a suspicion about their babysitter, their dog uncovered the truth.

When Benjamin and Hope Jordan were looking for a babysitter for their seven-month-old, Finn, they wanted to make certain that she would be the best for the job. The small family did everything right. Once they found a potential nanny, they made sure to do a background check and everything.


Although nothing seemed suspicious on paper, their dog Killian started acting differently. After they hired this particular lady, the dog became very aggressive and protective. Anytime the babysitter was around, Jordan’s dog would try to protect the baby. Once this started happening, the parents also began to get suspicious.


Because of the dog’s strange behavior, they put in an audio recorder underneath the couch. What they heard is utterly shocking.


After listening to the audio, the Jordan’s knew that this woman could no longer take care of their child. The audio recording revealed that the nanny would let Finn cry for hours at a time. But it didn’t stop there. Also, they could hear her cursing at the baby, calling him awful names.  Possibly the worst thing of all is that they could hear slapping sounds.


After listening to the recording, the Jordans were horrified. They pressed charges immediately. Now, the “nanny from hell” is in prison serving at least one year.


If it were not for their beloved dog, this abuse could have continued. Killian is a true hero. He stopped an awful thing from happening. If you would like to learn more about what happened, please watch the video below! You will be absolutely shocked.


 Before you hire a babysitter, make sure they are trustworthy because not all dogs can detect abuse like Killian. Share this to bring awareness to this story!

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