Man is caught on film during his final 'Goodbye' to his best friend and companion

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do, especially when there is no guarantee you’re going to see each other again.  Dog owner Merv Tolentino Dumanat was no exception. Recently Merv lost his beloved companion, Shadow, a Siberian Husky. This death was tragic and very unexpected. After the death, Merv found out that he died from a blood disease. The young dog only lived for six years.

These two were best friends for 6 years. Merv bought Shadow when he was just a puppy. Since that time, they grew extremely close. Even though Shadow was a dog, his connection with Merv was unlike any other, making Shadows death really painful for Merv.

Losing a dog can be like losing a child to a dog owner. The bond that they create over the years they are with each other is unbreakable. Like any relationships, there are ups and downs but in the end, love is love. Therefore making death extremely heartbreaking for anyone around.

When Merv had to say his last goodbyes to Shadow someone had taken pictures. Below you can see him sob while petting his dog and goodbye. This saddening moment took place at Pet Valley Park and Crematory, where he had a ceremony for the pooch. Merv covered him in flowers and made sure that he would rest peacefully. You can tell how much he loved and cared for Shadow. Many people have funeral-like ceremonies for their animals when they die. This is a very respectful and beautiful thing to do for your pets. All living things deserve to be put to peace.  Shadow is no exception and Merv knew that.

The life of Shadow meant so much to Merv and you can truly see it in the video. Make sure to share this video with friends other people who have lost a beloved pet.

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