Dog owners want dogs to live forever, this dog almost did

If you own a dog you know that time spent with them is much too short. The idea that we only have about 10-15 years to live with them is saddening. I am sure every dog owner would agree that they wish that dogs could live 100 years. But the reality is dogs cannot live more than 15 years or can they?

Maggie, an Australian Kelpie, has beaten the odds. She lived up to 30-years-old! This impressive number gave Maggie the label as oldest dog in the world. Recently Maggie has died, but her legacy lives on forever.

Brian, Maggie’s owner, claims that she breaks the world record for oldest dog in the world. Although he does not have proper documentation to back up his claim, he still takes pride in sweet Maggie’s long life. The official world record holder lived up to 29-years-old and died in 1939.

Even though Maggie did not hold the official record, her family does not think any less of her. She was one of the sweetest, cutest, and friendliest dogs on this planet. Maggie spent most of her life roaming on the family farm. She also bonded with cats along the way.

Brian was extremely devastated when he lost his beloved Maggie. Even though it was like losing a child, Brian stayed level-headed because she died in peace. There was no sign of suffering before Maggie died, so it made him feel better about her passing.

To be honest, I think everyone would love to have a dog like Maggie. If all our dogs would live that long, life would be better. Maggie’s family cherished every moment with her, even though it was longer than most. Maybe in the future, we will see more cases like Maggie.

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