Dog With Paralyzed Face Is Waiting For A Family To Love Her, She Is Sweet and Lovable

Sid was found as a stray dog on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas with a young puppy by her side.  Immediately the shelter noticed that something was not quite right when looking at Sid’s lopsided looking face. It turns out that half of Sid’s face is paralyzed. She is also deaf.

While no one knows what caused Sid’s condition, the best-educated guess by the shelter and the medical staff there is that Sid may have been attacked by a dog.  She has a scar that runs down the paralyzed side of her face to this day.

Animal Hope

The shelter staff fell in love with this sweet dog and didn’t want her falling through the cracks by not getting adopted.  The shelter contacted a rescue called Animal Hope.  Specializing in placing animals with special needs into loving homes is what Animal Hope does best. Because of Sid’s special needs, going to Animal Hope seemed like her best chance at finding a home.

Sid arrived at Animal Hope on October 2nd.  Benjamin Morris, the director of Animal Hope had this to say about Sid, “She gets along great with other dogs. She also enjoys the company of people.  Her favorite activity is eating. She loves to eat.”

“Unfortunately, stray dogs and cats can’t tell us much about their past. She’s no longer able to control the muscles on that side of her face, and the muscles have atrophied and ‘drawn up,’ which gives her a dramatically different appearance between the two sides of her face,” Morris said. “While we can’t state definitively what happened to her, these types of injuries sometimes happen when a dog is attacked by another dog.”

Animal Hope staff is hoping to find a perfect home for Sid and her special needs.  “The ideal home for Sid would be one that recognizes the needs of a deaf dog,” Morris recommended. “Training can be a challenge because verbal signaling doesn’t work. They can also startle easily and are at risk off-leash because they can’t hear approaching people, animals or vehicles.”

If you have an interest in adopting this adorable and sweet dog named Sid, please click here.

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