Dog Pulls Hilarious Photobomb On Couple's Wedding Day … And It Goes Viral

Boone is a goofy yellow dog who’s a natural ham with a big, friendly personality. He loves nothing more than to hang around with his dad, Jayce Conway. And they’ve been doing that ever since Boone was a pup.

Jayce and Boone share a moment. Image by Good Road Co. via The Dodo

“Boone basically goes everywhere that I will go,” Jayce told The Dodo. “He would wake up with me at 4:30 in the morning, ride with me to work and then he would ride around on my golf cart with me all day while we managed the golf course.”

It’s All in the Family for This Cute Dog

Then, when Boone was about a year-and-a-half old, Conway began dating Angie Blumberg, whom he knew from Freeburg, Illinois, where he grew up, The Dodo reports. And while the young couple fell in love, things were a bit challenging for five years because both lived in different states. Even so, they managed to spend plenty of time together, Boone included.

Angie with Boone at the wedding. Image by Good Road Co. via The Dodo

And Angie was smitten with the sweet-natured dog

“Seeing Jayce take care of this dog so well was part of what made me fall in love with him,” Blumberg told The Dodo. “We’ve been a little family. He’s my bud.”

Because Boone is such a big part of the family, the young couple knew they wanted him to be involved in their wedding. One thing, however, was quite clear: He wouldn’t be the ring bearer.

“I didn’t want to tie any rings on him,” Conway said. “He is very well-behaved, but he cannot resist water, and we got married about seven feet from the river. So I just kind of had a nightmare about him running in the water with rings tied to his wrist or something. So his only role was to stand there next to us and pose for pictures.”

Boone and his family. Image by Good Road Co. via The Dodo

Being his good-natured self, Boone was content to lay next to Conway’s side, except for one hilarious moment, when one of the joys of being a dog became evident.

“It was during the opening prayer … Boone was on the side of Jayce during the prayer, and he kind of moved forward and laid in front of us, and then decided to roll in the grass,” Blumberg said.

Dog Photobomb Level: Expert

Even the pastor got a good laugh out of Boone’s comical photobomb.

“He was trying to read the prayer while not laughing at loud,” Conway said. “I was trying to keep my composure a little bit, fighting back a smile.”

Could it be that Boone was rolling on the law because he’d been bathed the night before? That’s what Conway said she suspects.

“We bathed him and cleaned him very well the night before, and sometimes dogs just don’t like smelling like fragrant soaps, so they try and mask it,” she said. “He pulled that same move in the rehearsal, so I guess we kind of knew it was coming.”

Everyone having a dance. Image by Good Road Co. via The Dodo

And the photograph, taken by Chris Davis, went viral right after he sent it to Conway and Blumberg after their wedding.

Then Angie shared it on a private Facebook group and also turned it into her profile photo, Jayce said. Then his sister shared the photo and a friend who works for KSDK News saw it. And the station asked for permission to publish the funny photo, and the couple gave them the go-ahead.

Image by Good Road Co. via The Dodo

Now it was time to embark on their honeymoon to Zion National Park in Utah and the couple didn’t give it much thought. They thought the photo would merely wind up a “fluff piece” and then go quietly on its way. They had temporarily gone off the grid with no phone service, and when they finally traveled to an area where they could receive cellphone service they received a bit of a shock.

“We didn’t know what happened … and by the time we were able to get some messages through, it had already been shared like 40,000 times just since St. Louis, and that was like in 12 hours or something crazy,” Conway said. “From there, it just took off like wildfire.”

Epic Dog Photobomb now has 72,000 Facebook shares

To say that Conway and Blumberg are shocked by all the attention their wedding has garnered after Boone’s photobomb would be an understatement.

“We intended the whole time to have a very small, intimate wedding in the mountains, and now 10 million people have seen pictures of it,” Conway said, laughing.

Now the couple plans to move to Alabama, where they will be living in the same state “almost for the first time,” Blumberg said. They plan to take their adorable dog for walks and hikes together and find new places to explore.

“I think he’s adaptable to any situation, as long as he’s there with us,” Conway said.

One thing’s for certain: Boone is probably good for a few more photobombs.

Image by KSDK News via Facebook

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