Adorable Dog Watches Students And Tries To Purchase Treats From His Favorite Store


There are smart dogs out there in the world. And then there are off the charts highly intelligent ones that leave us all with mouths gaping open. This is the story of one of the latter types of dogs that have developed his own currency to buy treats. Let’s take a look at a dog name Negro who uses leaves to purchase food items. This dog truly has some high order problem-solving abilities that are simply amazing.



Negro is a beautiful black dog who resides at the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia. This sweet dog gives out lots of affection to the staff and pupils. The people in return feed him and give him a place to stay.


Negro watched closely as the kind students bought him dog cookies. He saw how the students would exchange the paper money for treats. Then one day, something extraordinary happened. Negro found a green leaf and presented it at the counter for a treat in return.



Negro Was Always Watching And Figuring Out How Money Worked


“He would go to the store and watch the children give money and receive something in exchange,” Angela Garcia Bernal, a teacher at the school said.“Then one day, spontaneous, he appeared with a leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail and letting it be known that he wanted a cookie. When you first see it, you almost want to cry,” she continued. “He’s found a way to make himself understood. He’s very intelligent.”



Gladys Barreto, a store attendant said,

“He comes for cookies every day. He always pays with a leaf. It is his daily purchase.”



Negro is limited to two purchases a day. Because the students and staff care about his health, they make sure that he doesn’t eat too many treats.


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