Dog Quickly Learns Patience From His Younger Sister Bothering Him All Day Every Day


Siblings can be so interesting to watch, to study, to talk about. There can be a strong bond of love between siblings. Then there is sibling rivalry that often exists. And let’s not forget about the dynamics behind birth order of siblings and all that that entails. This story of siblings is about two different species. And boy oh boy these two siblings are so very cute. How this dog and cat interact with each other is nothing short of adorable. Let’s take a look.



The big sister here is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Beatrix while the little sister is a tuxedo cat named Midge. Beatrix was the first to arrive so she got to watch Midge grow from a kitten to a cat. Their relationship grows as they age together. It truly is adorable to watch Beatrix put up with all of Midge’s playful kitten antics.


Their human captured some adorable footage that has been put into a video for all to enjoy. You can see how the relationship changes and grows over the years. It may be very hard to watch without having a smile on your face most of the time.



Through all of the play and squabbles, it’s plain for all to see that these two love each other. And the love looks like it grew even stronger as Midge settled into adulthood.


This video just goes to show that siblings of all species can develop unique and strong bonds. These two certainly have.


Be Ready To Smile


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