Dog rescued just an hour before it was to be put down-watch this tearjerking reaction!


Over one and a half million dogs are euthanized each year. You probably are already well aware that when you rescue a dog from a shelter you are saving its life. Some may have several months until it gets too crowded at a shelter and then they are put on the kill list, or maybe they are scheduled to be euthanized within the week. For one dog, if his rescuer had been there one hour later, the dog would have already been killed.



Bronwyne Mirkovich took a trip to his local animal shelter to adopt a pet. He didn’t have any plans on what type of dog he wanted for his family. Instead, he hoped that the right dog would pick him. Mirkovich loved the fact that he would be rescuing a dog. However, he had no idea that his the rescue would be so timely for one of the dogs scheduled to euthanized within the hour.



Mirkovich and Edie Became Fast Friends


A poodle named Edie stared at Mirkovich from behind the bars of his cage. Edie was shy and careful about approaching Mirkovich at first. But it didn’t take long for the two to hit it off. They became friends almost immediately.  Maybe it was because Edie didn’t trust humans, and rightfully so. Edie was on death row that hour. He may have sensed that something wasn’t right. Whatever the case may be, Edie quickly took down the barriers and became friends with Mirkovich.


Thanks to Mirkovich’s very timely decision to adopt a pet, Edie is now not only alive but living a life that every dog deserves.



Letting A Pet Pick You


Next time you go to adopt a pet from a shelter, you may want to consider letting a pet pick you. For a lot of people, this procedure has worked wonderfully. Plan on taking some time, so don’t be in a rush when you arrive. A dog cowering in the corner or a cat hiding behind their litter box may be the perfect companion for you. Not all animals do well in a shelter setting.  Some animals may need extra time to let their personalities show through. Try giving an animal time to choose you the way that Mirkovich did with Edie.




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