Dog Runs Up With Mouthful Of Balls, I Couldn't Believe What He Did Next

This is Davos, not only is he a good dog but also a very charitable one too. Davos is a Bernese Mountain Dog and is very energetic and inquisitive. This dog has a special knack for hunting and tracking down objects that most people would give up on.  So rather than just play fetch Davos owner, Al Cooper, has found a way to put his talent to good use.

Although he’s not very good at it, Cooper likes to play golf. For the last few years, he’s been bringing Davos to find his shanked balls, balls in the rough and out of sight.  Davos has been faithful in retrieving them and it makes him happy.

During one of these times, Davos found other golfers balls too.  In fact, he found so many that Cooper was inspired to start using the balls to benefit the Humane Society.  

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