Dog sadly watches his favorite teddy bear in the washing machine

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Animals are much like humans because they too can grow emotional attachments to non-living objects. Common items humans become attached to are blankets, stuffed animals, or even an article of clothing. Either way, dogs are just as easily attached to their favorite objects as humans are. For Habs, his favorite object is his very large teddy bear.
When Habs joined Jacqueline Estey’s family three years ago, they were so overjoyed. His personality and presence was an absolute blessing. The cute pooch immediately became attached to an object, a teddy bear. Although she tried, Estey could not get Habs to stop spending time with the teddy bear. She comments,


Habs has always been inseparable from the bear. He likes to bring the bear all around the house. If you pick it up, he’ll follow you around until you put it back down for him.


After lots of time together, Estey knew the teddy bear had to be washed. And she also knew Habs would not be very happy having to separate from his beloved pal. So she put Habs best friend in the washer. After a while, she could not find Habs anywhere. Until she finally looked in the laundry room, where Habs sat, watching his teddy bear in the washer. Estey explains,


I have never seen him do that for anything in the wash, other than his bear. It was hilarious when I realized he was sitting there for the whole entire cycle and wasn’t moving for anything!

Once the teddy bear was done in the dryer she made sure to show Habs that his best pal was okay. She adds,

I walked him downstairs and showed him where his bear was, where he continued to lay down next to his bear.

 Now Habs still cannot stay away from the cute teddy bear and he is one happy pup! Make sure to like and share with friends.

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