Pit Bull Saves Child From Being Drowned By His Murderous Mother

Some people believe that dogs have better intentions than most humans do. This holds true to this story, where a murderous mother attempted to kill her one son, and successfully killed her other by drowning. Although complicated, a dog understood what was going on. And his decision to take action saved a life.

A family pit bull was roaming near a river when he noticed something disturbing. He could see a mother try to drown her children. Even though he is just a dog, Buddy could sense that what he saw was not right. So the smart pet ran over to the murderous woman and took the child. He clearly was trying to keep her from harming him. Buddy dragged away the child. Unfortunately, while trying to save his life he bit the child. But he also bit the mother.
Even though many believe buddy was trying to save the child’s life, others did not see it that way. Some people believed he was only trying to harm the mother and child. But his family begs to differ. Margot Stork, the Murray River Council interim general manager, decided to microchip and keep the dog in custody before returning him to the family.

Although a majority of people believed Buddy did the right thing, they needed to keep the dog in custody until the trial was over. Buddy’s owners were so upset. So they decided to start a petition to get Buddy back. They posted,

“We are trying to save our dog ‘Buddy’ a pit bull cross who has been seized due to awful circumstances by the council. We are hoping the council can see what this dog was trying to do and let him come home instead of punishing him for the rescue efforts he has done. Please help.”

After 50,000 people signed the petition Buddy was released. The family was so grateful to get their beloved dog back. The grandfather of the child who survived because of Buddy comments,

“I own a similar dog and I know he was trying to save the boys, it’s their nature when they are raised with kids. Let the ones who his actions affected decide. I have one grandson left, because this brave dog took action as required.”

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