Dog Saves Every Stranded Worm After Thunder Storms, Owner Catches Rescue On Video

Caitlyn Beebe has always had a compassionate heart.  She never thought that while she was saving these earthworms that her dog was watching and learning.  But when Caitlyn’s dog started doing the same thing, it surprised everyone.

Holliday is Caitlyn’s border collie/german shepherd mix rescue dog.  Caitlyn explains her dog’s sweet hobby of saving worms this way. “She will run over so excited, pick them up as gently as she can in her mouth, and then put them in the grass,” Caitlyn explains.

When Caitlyn first saw Holliday do this she was speechless.  “I was shocked. I know most dogs will rub on them or eat them, but she was so gentle with them!” Beebe said. “Sometimes they will fall out of her mouth because she is so gentle, but she will just pick them back up until they are in the grass. Sometimes she will even watch them for a few minutes as they crawl in the ground. I know it sounds crazy because she was never trained with treats or repetition, she just kind of … does it on her own.”

The fact that Holliday enjoys saving the worms shows that animals can have a great compassion for other species.  While we know that dogs and cats can be best friends, this is really incredible.  Earthworms aren’t exactly seen as a playmate or companions.  For Holliday to care about the worms and want to do this, makes me think we can all learn from her behavior.

“It reminds me that you should love and care for everyone,” Beebe said. “Even if they are different from you.”

Caityln was able to catch Holliday rescuing the worms and get it on video.  Just look at this sweet dog at work.

Watch Holliday At Work, Rescuing Earthworms

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