Dog Senses Something Wrong With Pregnant Mom, She Saves Two Lives

Being a new pregnant is a very exciting part of a woman’s life, for Alhanna Butler this feeling was undeniable. When she heard her and her fiancé, Ricky, were expecting they were ecstatic, especially because their dog Keola is great with kids.

Throughout the pregnancy Alhanna felt pretty normal, then out of nowhere she began experiencing sharp pains in her back. So like any worried mother to be, she hurried to the hospital. The doctors sent her back home almost immediately telling her it was nothing to worry about.  This would later come back to haunt her.

When she returned home she went on with her routine. Days went by and Keola began acting odd. She would whine and nudge Alhanna’s stomach. She would not leave Alhanna’s side and when her mistress went to work she would become extremely upset.

After seeing how upset Keola was, Alhanna went to the hospital again. This time the doctor’s results were a lot more alarming. Alhanna had two kidney infections; she also had an anti-biotic bug.  This news came as a shock to the family. The doctors informed her that she would have died if she did not come in. And even worse the baby would have died too.

Luckily Alhanna gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Lincoln. Her family could not be thankful enough for their beloved dog. Lincoln and Keola are best of friends now. Keola treats Lincoln like a brother. Without Keola life would have never been the same. Dogs truly are a part of the family.  Some people believe that dogs can sense illness and after this the Butler family sure did.

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