Dog Shows Love to Unborn Sister, It Makes Everyone Say 'Awe'

Dogs are such smart animals. They are aware of so much more than we give them credit for. These furry friends are all over the internet because people cannot resist a cute dog. One canine in particular really stole people’s hearts on the internet when she did something unfathomable.

A Brazilian pup, named Penelope, lives with her thirty-four-year-old owner, Juliana. Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant and ready to pop soon! Penelope is very much aware that her owner is pregnant. 

She follows Juliana everywhere and she knows there’s a baby inside her. The dog often lays her head on Juliana’s stomach. She even hugs her owners bump. Penelope already has a bond with the unborn baby and it’s absolutely precious. A quote from Konrad Lorenz says it all,

The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.

The mother-to-be is extremely excited to give birth to the baby. She is also extremely glad to have such a good companion like Penelope.

If you’re a frequent user of social media, I’m sure you will

be inundated with a huge influx of videos and pictures of dogs. Yes, we internet lovers can’t help but share pictures of our canine companions.

Juliana commented,

It’s the first time she’s done this. It was very emotional. I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister.

Penelope will definitely be a great helper for Juliana once the baby is born. Remember dogs have feelings and they are aware what goes on around them. As humans we never give them enough credit. They truly are the best companions.

Share this loving story of Penelope with friends! Never take dogs for granted they are some of the most selfless creatures that roam this planet. Maybe one day you will find a dog as loving as Penelope!

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