Dog shows off his talent by painting, and people love his artwork


If you are a dog owner, you understand the struggle of getting your dogs to do the little things such as sit, shake, and lay down. Some of us are lucky enough to have pups that can complete these tasks easily. Then, there are dogs that go above and beyond. This talented Shiba Inu from Alberta, Canada is so talented. You will be truly amazed by what this smart dog can accomplish.


A 5-year-old Shiba Inu named Hunter is close to famous for his abstract paintings. With little help from his owners, Kenny and Denise, he creates some amazing pieces of work. After teaching the talented dog two years ago how to paint, he has not stopped since then. Kenny comments,


“One thing that we are always impressed with is how unique each painting is. He can get pretty creative with his brush strokes depending on his mood. We see lots of dabs and checkmarks with the heavier brushes and then some loops and flicks with the lighter brushes.”

The owner adds, “We’ve seen a lot of support for Hunter from everyone over the past couple of years. We love seeing the memes and reading the fan mail that Hunter gets. We feel that Hunter’s work relates to a lot of people, especially now with everything being online. Many people who enjoy Hunter’s work are animal lovers or, some more specific, Shiba lovers.”

After realizing how popular his paintings could be, they opened up an Etsy page to sell his paintings on. Hunter has made almost 150 paintings. His profit is $5,000! The artistic dog’s owners sell his pieces for $55.


If you want to see how Hunter creates such amazing pieces of artwork, please watch the video below!

Please share the talented dog’s artwork with friends! This is truly amazing to see unfold!

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