While Dog Sitting For Her Parents, She Gets A Huge Surprise From This Elderly Dog

Dogs are part of our families and we consider them just another family member.  No matter how they become a member we love them just the same.  Whether they were adopted as an older dog or were a Christmas present when they were a puppy they play an important role in our lives.

A dog’s there for you no matter what –

When I was younger going through teen troubles my dog would always be the one to curl up beside me and lick away my tears.  She was also the first one to greet me as I walked through the door to an otherwise empty house.

Unfortunately, their life span isn’t as long as humans.  As much as we would like to spend our entire lives with them they will break our hearts by leaving us too soon.

So as an adult when your parents ask you to take care of the family dog you immediately say “Yes!” That is just what this woman did.  She agreed to take care of 9-year-old Kaylee, while her parents were away.

When the couple returned from a dinner the Kaylee was under the deck and wouldn’t move, she thought that the dog may be dying.

Thier dog Ellie found some puppies and they were shocked when they realized that Kaylee, was the mom!

Instead of finding a quiet place to pass away, Kaylee was actually searching for a place to give birth. She miraculously gave birth to 3 puppies, sadly only two survived 1 girl and 1 boy.

The 9-year-old dog had apparently been hiding her pregnancy from everyone.  No one had any idea she was expecting.  What a wonderful surprise for everyone.

Have you ever had an old dog surprise you like this?  Share your story with us below.

Watch the video below to see newborn puppies.

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