Dog spends most of his life in shelter before seeing the dreaded red leash

Animal lovers understand the heartbreak of seeing pets in shelters. If you are like any other animal person, you know that euthanization is horrific, but it still occurs in shelters. We see videos of animals in cages, and it makes us sick to our stomachs. Oftentimes, when these poor animals are about to be put down, the shelter puts a red leash around their necks to take them to their unfortunate death. The absolute sadness that appears when a red leash is pulled out is completely obvious.

When Benny, an 8-month-old pit bull on death row, saw the red leash he thought his time was up. He began to shake, and even whimper. The horrified look in his eyes lasted about five minutes until he realized he had a different fate.

Carson Animal Care Center of Los Angeles took Benny in when he was very small. When Benny first arrived, he was extremely energetic and loved life. After weeks in the same cage, his love for life slowly dwindled. His energetic personality went away too. Benny especially was not high on the adoption list because of his breed. This unfortunate truth made it all that harder for Benny’s luck.

One day when a volunteer brought in the red leash, Benny thought it was the end. Little did he know it was only the beginning. The cute little black and white pit bull had not come out of the cage but eventually gave in. Shaking, he put his head through the dreaded red leash. Once he realized he was not going to be put down, Benny started to wag his tail. He was going to be ADOPTED!

When the doors opened, Benny was free. Now, he has a new family that loves him more than anything.

Not all dogs are as lucky as Benny was. The red leash is not a good sign, but Benny was lucky. Consider adoption because there are plenty of dogs in need. Share Benny’s story with friends!

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