Dog spots a bird drowning, his instincts kick into as he goes into lifeguard-mode


Although not everyone acknowledges it, dogs are some of the biggest heroes on this planet. Some of them are always willing to save a struggling body. Their hearts are made of gold and would often do anything to save a person or another fellow animal. One of these types of dogs is named Yago. He is a true hero.


One beautiful morning in Argentina Yago was playing in the yard. And then he heard a splash and a lot of chirping. So he immediately ran to the noise. When he arrived he came across a struggling bird who was about to die drowning. So Yago began to attempt saving his fellow animal. In the process, his kind owner, Mariana Corti, woke up. The owner describes the situation:

“When we woke up, we heard a flutter coming from the patio. When we looked out the window, we saw that a pigeon was fighting for its life in the pool.”


After watching the bird struggle for a while, Yago decided to make his move. The smart dog walked to the side of the pool where the bird was about to die. After a bit of struggling and maneuvering Yago finally got the hang of it. And then he picked up the bird and put him on the ground.


Corti was so proud of her great dog after he decided to rescue the struggling bird. She could not believe how heroic her beautiful boy was. Now she feels even safer with him around because of how smart he is in those types of situations.


If you would like to know more, please watch the video below where you can observe Yago save the bird in distress. It is a truly beautiful and touching scene.


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