Dog Stares At Couple Every Night Before Bed, They Find Out The Heartbreaking Reason Why

Moving is difficult for everybody. When you move, you have to adapt to your new home. Everybody involved in the moving process, including your pets, have trouble adapting. Unfamiliar surroundings bring about a feeling of uneasiness. Adding new people to interact with quickly becomes confusing and even frightening for the animals.

When the animal is coming from a traumatic experience, anybody can expect these feelings from the animal. Nobody expects the animal to be ok right away. You need to make sure you are aware of the pet’s history and upbringings. This family learned this the hard way.

This eager family recently brought in a new dog from an animal shelter. The dog seemed to love his new home. The family gave him constant affection and care, and he gave it right back. This family was the perfect match for him.


The family walked him, played with him all day long, but there was an underlying issue. Each night when it was bedtime, the family noticed the dog would sit at their bedside and stare at them until they fell asleep. They would wake and up and he would be there, still staring.

It confused the family why the dog never slept because he was so concerned. They drove him to the vet for a checkup. They hoped there would be an explanation for the behavior, but the vet informed them the dog was perfectly fine.

It brought happiness to the family that he was healthy, but they still had a feeling something was off. They decided to make a visit to the shelter he came from. The family questioned his backstory and asked the shelter if they noticed this odd behavior. The shelter had some heartbreaking news.

The dog’s previous owner sedated the dog and waited for him to fall asleep. When he fell asleep, they drove him to the shelter and left him there alone. He woke up without ever seeing his owner. This left the dog feeling lost, alone, and abandoned.

The story moved the family. As soon as they got home, they put his bed directly next to theirs. They tried to show him that he would always be okay and could fall asleep without worry.

From that day forward, the pup slept ever night, and the family lived happily along with their lovable pooch.

This animal is so cute we had to share this story.  If you think he deserved a family that treated him like a king….share with your friends.

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