Dog Starved To Point Of Death, Then This Girl Shows Up And Changes Everything

Humans can be so cruel.  In this case, there was no limit on just how far some humans can go to be cruel to animals.

This story made me cry.  I haven’t seen an animal in worse shape then this dog was.  Thankfully, Rescue from the Heart stepped in and vowed to never give up hope on this dog they named, Angel.

Angel had been severely abused due to months of someone purposly starving her.  Her organs were shutting down, she couldn’t even support her own weight anymore.  She needed a miracle to survive.

Volunteers visited and showed her love with tender touches and feeding her small amounts of food.  If she ate too much too soon it could kill her.  Finally, after being tortured she finally felt love.

Things started changing for the better… Angel gradually began to hold her own weight, standing for seconds at a time.  Eventually, all the support and love she received gave her the strength to walk on her own.  She ventured around the shelter making new friends as she wondered.  Angel ate on her own and all her medical attention paid off.  She was ready to be adopted.

She hadn’t just survived she THRIVED.

Here is the video detailing her journey.  WARNING!! Some photos may not be suitable for everyone.  

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