Dog suffering in freezing temperatures finds hope after rescue

Winter is one of the most miserable times of the year. Although many people enjoy snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and things of those sorts, there are still many who do not like the coldest time of the year. Dealing with cold weather can be a real struggle at times. Not only do homeless people experience the bitterness of winter the most, but so do stray pets like Weezer an adorable puppy would now.

During the cold winter months, while the snow fell, Weezer, a young dog was stranded alone outside. The poor thing had no home, food, or water, just the streets. When rescuers found him struggling on the streets, they felt so awful. To make matters even worse, Weezer began howling in fear. Donna, a rescuer comments,

“This poor soul completely broke our hearts in two. He was shivering and screaming in FEAR.”

She adds,

“He smells of infection from a wound on his side, and appears to have paraphimosis,”

As the rescuers from Stray Rescue in St. Louis got closer they realized how fragile Weezer truly was; he had bruises all over his body. Along with the bruises he had paraphimosis, a condition that uncircumcised dogs can get. Once the rescuers finally got Weezer to feel comfortable, they took him for a medical exam. The vet states,

“It looks as though he may have had a harness on that became embedded and badly infected. We’ve seen many embedded collars, but not embedded harnesses.”

Luckily the rescue quickly helped Weezer heal from his harsh consequences of an awful owner and bitter Winter. They add,

“Thankfully, his paraphimosis is a minor case. He looks to be about 7 months old and is as sweet as can be.”

If you are interested in learning more about Weezer, watch the video below. Also, make sure to help those who suffer during the bitter cold in the Winter months! Share this post with friends!

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