Dog Is Covered in Scars They Can't Believe What He's Been Through, He Can't Stop Smiling

Duncan could have received scars from surviving Hurricane Irma, though many are very old scars.  Rescuers don’t know how he managed to get so beat up. They can only speculate that he had a rough life.  But that is all about to change for Duncan very soon. His life is already on a better track.

Sarah Rosenberg, community engagement manager for the Lifeline Animal Project was there when Duncan was rescued.

“One look at his chewed-up face and I knew he had been through a living hell, but his eyes were soft and warm and invited me to hold him,” Rosenberg said. “I opened his kennel, and he melted into my arms.”

Rosenberg quickly found a soft spot in her heart for Duncan. She opened his kennel and Duncan immediately put his head on her shoulder, “so he could be cradled like a baby,” she says.

“I held him for a long time, but he held me harder,” Rosenberg explained. “I could tell he expected nothing but accepted everything with grace and such unbelievable sweetness.”

The Hug

Lifeline Animal Project

“When dogs come into the shelter that has been through abuse or neglect, they sometimes don’t survive due to injuries, starvation or heartworms,” Karen Hirsch, a spokeswoman for LifeLine Animal Project, said. “Anytime we can show an abused dog what it feels like to be safe and loved is tremendously gratifying and makes it all worthwhile.”

Lifeline Animal Project

“This sweet soul has so much saved-up love to share.  The humans who give him a forever home are in for the love of a lifetime,” Rosenberg said.

Rescued animals truly have so much love to give.  They just need someone to give them a chance to give it.  SHARE with your friends if you agree.

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