Dog swims 135 miles off shore near an oil rig, workers save his life


During a typical oil rig mission by Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, they saw something swimming in the ocean. This particular object was not a fish, which would be expected 135 miles offshore. After taking a closer look the people working on the rig were shocked to see a dog swimming so far off the coastline.


Vitisak Payalaw, a man who works for Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, posted the story on his Facebook. He claims that they were lucky to spot the dog when they did because if a wave would have gone by, the dog would not have been visible.


The dog was very verbal during the entire situation, making his presence known. After spotting him, he apparently whimpered and barked a lot, signaling he needed help.


Eventually, the poor dog was helped aboard. The crew threw a rope down and tied it around his struggling body.


When he was finally safe on the platform, the crew was happy they could save him. After rescuing him they believed he fell off a fishing boat. Luckily they got him just in time.


Finally, they took the dog back to land by boat. He arrived at a port in Songkhla. After, he was taken to a shelter called Watchdog Group of Thailand. The crew felt very happy that they could get him there safely without a scratch.


When he arrived back home, no one claimed him as their own. Luckily, he is no longer struggling to swim in the Pacific Ocean.


If the group did not find this dog, he would have died. Thanks to the dog’s tendency to be verbal and the crew’s desire to save him, the dog made it home okay!


Please share this awesome story with fellow dog lovers! This oil rig definitely did an amazing job!

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