Dog terrified after family abandons him at shelter for 'eating trash’

A dog was dumped off at a shelter for an infraction that most dogs make at least once in their lifetime. A sweet and terrified 2-year-old dog was surrendered to the Fairfield County Shelter for eating trash. While all this may seem hard to believe it is sadly true.

The dog, named Coby was beyond terrified to be away from his family and placed in a shelter. Samira El-Hage a shelter volunteer shared on Facebook, “He is scared out of his mind … almost like a feral dog would be … but not once did he growl, or try to bite. He wanted to hide under the raised bed or run away when we got outside. He kept trying to chew the leash and would not look at us.” She continued, “He just stands in that corner, facing the wall.”

Coby’s story touched Leigh Maddox, founder of Compassion For Cats of Delaware. Maddox said, “He tugged at my heartstrings and I instantly knew we had to pull him (from the shelter).”

Maddox wasted no time in making the arrangements for the nine-hour drive between the shelter and a foster home for Coby. Pilates N Paws, an organization that helps transport at-risk dogs, helped by flying Coby to his new foster home. Coby soon arrived into the caring arms of his foster mom, Olivia Fritz.

Fritz knew immediately upon meeting Coby that he would need lots of time to trust her. “Coby was so tucked into the seat that it was difficult for my husband to get him out,” Fritz explained. “Once he was out of the plane he went limp from fear. He was so shut down that really he did not respond to anything or anyone.”

Fritz had immediate compassion for Coby and how he had been treated by his former owners for getting into the trash. She explained, “My personal dogs have ALWAYS been trash diggers and we as a family have come up with creative ways to help with that behavior,” Fritz continued. “This is what a family should do when they own dogs — not dump them in a shelter. The entire story just broke my heart.”

Fritz reflected, “I thought if I just held him and kissed him that he would know he was loved … but it is far more than that,” Fritz said. “I hope the damage he suffered can be overcome but it won’t be overnight.”

Coby has taken a lot of time to start to trust Fritz, rightfully so after what he had been through. But after a month at the Fritz household, Coby began to show small signs of improvements. He still has to be carried in and out of the house out of fear, but he will now take treats out of Fritz’s hands. He also has started to relax a bit by chewing on bones he has been given.

Coby can take all the time that he needs according to Fritz. Lovingly she reports, “He is super special to the rescue, and he will get nothing but the best home when he is ready!”

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