Dog trainer’s negligence results in the death of three service dogs, and now she’s being arrested for it


A tragic incident happened in Forth Worth, Texas that resulted in the death of three dogs. What makes this sad event even more disturbing is that a dog trainer is at fault. The deaths should not have happened. In fact, the negligence involved leaving them inside a locked car. An investigation is underway.



One of the victims was a dog named Vinny, a Pomeranian. Vinny was the service dog to Brooke King who battles with anxiety and depression. The dog has helped her to manage her depression and keep her calm in stressful situations. Vinny accompanied King into airports, grocery stores, restaurants, and office buildings.



King sought out help from the trainer to make sure that his behavior was appropriate in public places. She assumed that Vinny was in great care.



Another dog that died in the car was a Bull Mastiff who was a service dog to a veteran suffering from PTSD.



The Dogs Died As The Trainer Chatted With A Friend At A Vet Clinic


Ironically, the trainer left the dogs in the car while she was at a vet clinic. She was talking with a friend there as the dogs suffered and died in the heat.


Youtube /CBSDFW

The trainer said that her vehicle had a malfunctioned sensor in it. The sensor supposedly was supposed to set off an alarm if the vehicle got too hot. The air conditioner stopped working when the vehicle stopped running, and the “sensor” never went off.


On a hot day, a car can heat up very quickly. Imagine how you would feel if you were trapped in a hot car. Just think how it would feel as it climbed over 140 degrees. This incident was totally preventable. Hopefully, more people will realize how quickly dogs can perish in hot cars.


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