Dog Waits For Train Every Night–Passengers Are Heartbroken To Find Out Why

Typically, you see people waiting at a train station for somebody to get off the train. A friend, a family member, loved one: they can’t wait to see that smiling face getting off the train.

But, when you see a dog waiting at the train station, you have to wonder what they’re waiting for.

In Mumbai, India, train riders noticed a female dog waiting at the train station. Persistently, she runs up every night at 11 pm to see the Kalyan-bound train. In fact, she’s done this every day since January. She searches the train, scanning the windows, just searching and searching for her lost owner.

Maybe she’s waiting for her owner? Her owner better hurry up because their poor dog has been waiting forever! If not, commuters wonder if the dog is simply just an abandoned dog. It’s been speculated amongst passengers that the owner may have possibly died.

She [the dog] chases after the women’s coach, peeking into doorways and scanning windows in search of something—or someone.

Apparently, they don’t want to remove the dog from the train station. Why? This pup has four ten week old puppies living at the station with her!

Unfortunate for this pup, it doesn’t look like her owner will be returning. Sadly, mama and her pups will need a home very soon. According to canine behavioral specialist Karen Overall, says the dog must have formed a strong bond with her owner. Overall works at the University of Pennsylvania.

That dog is looking for somebody…This dog is an optimist.

Only when she gets a forever home, she’ll stop prowling at the train station searching for her lost loved one and live out her life hopefully in peace.

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