Dog Was Crippled By Puppy Mill Owner And Now Can Walk Again.

Being born in a puppy mill is probably one of the most horrifying ways to start life.  Brutus began his life in on of those puppy mills.  He was left outside in freezing conditions and developed frostbite on all four of his paws.  Instead of seeking professional veterinarian services, the mill owner decided to amputate Brutus’s paws on his own.  This left the tortured dog crippled and unable to move at all on his own.

According to the ASPCA ” Puppy Mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations where profit is placed above the well-being of animals. Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, without adequate veterinary care, food, water, and socialization. Puppy mill dogs do not get to experience treats, toys, exercise or basic grooming. Dogs are often kept in cages with wire flooring that injures their paws and legs—and it is not unusual for cages to be stacked up in columns. Breeding dogs at mills might spend their entire lives outdoors, exposed to the elements, or crammed inside filthy structures where they never get the chance to feel the sun or breathe fresh air.”

Thankfully,  Brutus was rescued and adopted, but this would not be his happy ending.  He was quickly surrendered due to the difficulty of caring for a crippled animal.  Brutus was hopeless and it looked like he would never have the love of a family and a place to call home.

On The Road To Healing

All of that changed when he met his foster mom, Laura Aquillina.  Laura started raising funds through GoFundMe for Brutus to receive prosthetic limbs.  She needed to raise around $11,000. The response she got was quick and she had exceeded her goal.    Now Aquillina is helping him learn to walk again with the help of four new prosthetic limbs!  Adjusting to his new limbs will take time, he is unbelievably happy to be moving on his own!

It may take some time for him to adjust to his new feet but he is doing things that were never possible for him before. He can go for walks, run, jump and play like other dogs.  He looks glad to be on the move.

Please be sure to watch Brutus’s story below. We are so excited for him and look forward to seeing his progress.

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