Dog Was Put On Death Row–Then A Man Becomes His Angel

Gregory, a beagle, was on the euthanasia list at the Franklin County Shelter and Adoption Center in Ohio.

Thankfully, someone took notice of this. Schenley Hutson Kirk saw Gregory’s picture and knew she had to do something!

Sadly, Gregory tested positive for heartworm during his health and behavior assessment. Due to this, this two-year-old, friendly, and energetic dog was listed to be a “rescue only.” His medical issue would cost $400. If he wasn’t rescued by May 3, then he would face euthanasia.

Thankfully, though, Gregory had someone looking out for him. Kirk and her husband Joe are founders of the House Rescue and Sanctuary. They saw a lot of potential in this little beagle and dropped everything to save him from doggy death row!

A Good Deed Is Well Received

Many people adopt without expecting any thanks, but they got the biggest gratitude from Gregory!

Joe took the day off from work to go to the shelter and pick up Gregory. While he did this, Kirk stayed behind to watch the other rescue dogs. Joe, happy with his new adopted boy, took a couple of selfies while on their way home.

Though this was their first time meeting, Gregory wanted to stick to Joe like glue! It was a two-hour drive, one to freedom, and Gregory loved every bit of it. Gregory was safely tethered to the back seat for safety, but it was just long enough for him to reach Joe’s shoulder.

Kirk said, after seeing the photos, “[Joe] sent me three photos, and in the last one, little Gregory had leaned his head over, as if to say, ‘You saved my life. I knew I was going to die at that shelter, but you saved me today.’ And just the look in his eyes – the thankfulness, the appreciate, and the love of this little dog – it’s as if he knows his life has been saved.”

And who can resist such a sweet face, with his little tongue sticking out? It’s a wonder no one was willing to adopt him sooner!

Kirk and Joe report that Gregory still shows his appreciation every day and that he’s an absolute doll! It sounds like Gregory has found his forever home with a loving family!

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