Dog Spent Eight Years Chained To A Wall–Still Wagged Her Tail When Rescuers Approached

Pit bulls are often treated poorly because of their reputation for being aggressive. Many people are going out of their way, though, to prove this wrong. They want to show the sweet and loving personalities that many pit bulls have.

Breed Isn’t Everything

Lola is no exception to this sort of scenario. She was chained to a wall with no way to escape the change in seasons. She was left outside like this for eight years.

Thankfully someone came to her rescue! Despite her poor treatment, she still wagged her tail and showed her appreciation to her rescuers. The good people of Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital took her in. While there, she had some tumors removed, as well as teeth cleaning.

We can all rest easy knowing that she has a better home now! She was able to find a forever home, which is no small feat. Her new mom is so happy to have her that she has posted many new pictures of sweet Lola on her Instagram page.

One such lovely picture was posted and said, “I’m living my dream in NYC with my mom, who totally adores me!”

Not all dogs get to come out on top the way that Lola has, but it’s a happy story for sure. She’s gone from a concrete bed to a plush and warm one!

From these pictures, you’d also never guess that she once had a hard life. She also doesn’t look like an aggressive girl, as her breed suggests to some. Instead, she’s just as sweet and loving as any other breed could be!

You can see more wonderful pictures of Lola’s happiness at this Instagram account! She’s a wonderful example of why you shouldn’t judge a dog by their breed and simply love them for who they are!

Source: Neglected Pit Bull Is Ready For Her New Home After Being Saved by rumblestaff

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