Dog Who Was Lost For Six Days Cries Real Tears When Reunited With Her Owner

If you are a dog owner, you are already familiar with that feeling of fear that grips your belly when your fur baby is in danger. Whether you have a dog that likes to try and escape from a fence or dart out the door, when they run off, it’s utterly terrifying.


Even really well-behaved dogs can have an off day. For example, my dog Sophie never tries to get out the front door when it’s opened. However, one day there was a stray dog outside and when someone came in the front door, BAM, like a shot she was out the door.

Off she went down the street, and since it was dusk, she disappeared from sight before I even registered the fact that she was in danger. Luckily, we managed to get her safely back inside before something terrible happened.

A few glasses of wine and a Xanax later and I was okay as well.

That’s a perfect example, though, of just how quickly something horrible can happen, just like in the story about this other dog.


Six days before YouTube user M13 made the video posted below, he and his wife were out shopping in a local market in Chungli, Taiwan. While they were out, fireworks went off and scared their Schnauzer into the crowd. He looked for her frantically and truly started to think that he would never see her again.

After searching for days and days, he couldn’t believe it when he finally found his precious fur baby. He was shocked that she had run all the way to another city. Because she didn’t recognize where she was when she took off, she had attempted to go to another house she knew that was in the next town over.

The dog was shaken up by having to spend six days on the run. You can see in the video, that as soon as she hears her dad’s motorbike, she comes running.

The poor baby even started to cry as soon as she climbed onto her dad’s lap. Check out the video below and leave your pro-tips in the comments on how you protect your fur baby from getting lost.

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