Dog Will Do Anything To Distract Her Dad From Playing His Video Games

When Eric Howe is at his girlfriend’s house he likes to play video games. Chelsea, his girlfriend’s dog gets very concerned when Eric gets mad at the game and starts yelling. That’s when she tries to distract him with love and concern. Chelsea is a smart dog who will do what it takes to make sure her humans are happy.

Eric Howe

Chelsea didn’t accept Eric into the family right away. In fact, it took video games for her to warm up and show concern for him.

“When I first moved in, Chelsea would basically ignore me unless I walked over to pet her,” Howe explained. “One day, I noticed that she would whine and jump on me when I played video games. This behavior kept getting more and more animated as time went on.”

Eric Howe

Chelsea Likes Everyone In Her Home To Be At Peace

Howe thinks he’s figured out why Chelsea gets so concerned when he plays video games. “I think the reason she bothers me when I play Xbox is because I get mad at the game and raise my voice,” Howe said. “She will be sitting quietly in her bed when I start playing, but as soon as I yell at my game she jumps up to try and interrupt me. She doesn’t like seeing her humans upset.”

“Chelsea bothers my girlfriend and me anytime we devote attention to anything other than her,” Howe said. “She gets more and more needy the older she gets. I think her behavior is hilarious.”

Eric Howe

Chelsea’s behavior may be simply adorable but it’s good to acknowledge a dog’s concern. By ignoring a dog, they may escalate the behavior the way that Chelsea did. Thankfully, Chelsea is a sweet dog who is forgiving and doesn’t become destructive when ignored.

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