Owner Abandons Puppy With Tumor–Shelter Takes Immediate Action

Most pet owners would consider their pets just another member of the family. Most animal lovers could not bear to imagine the hardships some animals go through when they are in the wrong hands.

It is not surprising that everyday animals need to be rescued from horrible conditions; however, it is still heartbreaking to hear.

Clyde, a young puppy, is just now receiving the love and care he deserves. He carried a six-pound tumor around that he just recently had removed.

Clyde, who is only one year old, was sent to Gallatin County Animal Shelter and County Animal Hospital in Mason, Ohio. He was dropped off with a note to be euthanized. It seemed like the tumor was growing for nearly six months.

The workers at the animal hospital knew Clyde had so much more to live for. They knew he deserved to be alive, so they performed a surgery to remove the tumor.

The operated on him and removed the growth.

After receiving the surgery, Clyde is now happy, 6 pounds lighter, and living tumor free!

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