Doggy Daycare Is Making Waves With Their “PawSome” Perk


In our eyes our furry friends are more than just pets, they’re family. Like family, they deserve nothing but the best. We spare no expense to keep them comfy, healthy, and stimulated in this life. That is what inspired Rachel Haggett and her partner Wayne Devoe to create the pawsome doggy daycare Good Hands Boarding Kennels. Found in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, the staff goes to great lengths to make sure their pupper pupils have the best day. The first thing they do to achieve that is by picking up their pups in a yellow school bus.


“I figured since we all love our dogs like our kids, it would be fitting,” Haggett said.


picking up dog for doggy daycare
Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

The Yellow School Bus for Dogs


The school-themed doggy daycare and boarding facility, which has 15 to 30 dogs in their care at a time, needed a way to transport the dogs.


“We almost bought a cube van, but when I saw this little bus online, I could just picture the dogs in it,” Haggett said. “We had to have it.”


Each day the Good Hands bus driver will make his rounds to pick up their pupils. He stops outside daycare customer’s houses and honks the horn. Then he gets out to great each pup as they make their way excitedly down the steps to the bus. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, the Good Hands bus makes its way through Cape Benton to pick up their “students.”



“Most people use the bus because they get called into work and can’t make our business hours,” Haggett said. “Some people just use it because of the convenience of it, or they don’t like to drive in winter.” The bus has only been in use for a month, and it is already a huge success!


They can carry ten dogs at a time, safely, in their own kennel. It leaves one hour before the daycare opens and dogs are returned one hour after it closes.


dog boarding doggy daycare buse
Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

Doggy Daycare is for Every Pup


The parents of each dog get into the school spirit when sending their furry friend off to “school.” They each get their own backpacks that often contain lunches or snacks for their pets. Some even have their own toys with them – even blankets for nap time!


dogs in front of the doggy daycare bus
Image by Rachel Haggett

Upon arrival at Good Hands, the dogs can start by greeting a friend…


dog friends greeting at doggy daycare
Image by Good Hands Boarding Kennels

… or stop for a quick potty break.


white dog taking a potty break at doggy daycare
Image via screen capture from the website The Dodo

Then it’s on to one of the many toys and activities at the daycare, such as two trampolines (lowered for safety) …


Posted by Goodhands Boardingkennels on Thursday, August 16, 2018


… playing in the water…


Posted by Goodhands Boardingkennels on Saturday, July 7, 2018

…a ball pit.


doggy daycare ball pit
Image via screen capture from the website via The Dodo

But most of all, they were equally excited about opening their big pool. “One of my favorite days was the opening of our swimming pool,” Haggett said. “The dogs loved it so much. They love when we get something new.”


And just like any human school, these puppers learn how to take turns…


Posted by Goodhands Boardingkennels on Thursday, August 2, 2018

…and to share.


dogs sharing a stick at doggy daycare
Image via screen capture from the website via The Dodo

Good Hands Boarding Kennels is THE Doggy Daycare


Good Hands gets great reviews from those who board with them. The owners take great care in making sure that their pupils are well looked after. They get squeaky toys, stuffed animals, great places to play on, a pool to jump in, and more. Pet owners won’t be disappointed when their pets are shown on the Facebook page and their pets are all smiles! Pop over and give Rachel and Good Hands a peak, you’ll be happy you did.


Posted by Goodhands Boardingkennels on Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Featured Image via screen capture from video via YouTube

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