Doggy makes the best apology ever


If you own two dogs, you can understand the power struggle. When two dogs live in one house, often they fight over food or toys or anything in between. Although they may fight over certain objects it is not always vicious. In fact, most of the time dogs just play fight. Some dogs are best friends and usually never have any problem being together. Watson and Kiko are doggy best friends, but they too can not get along. Watson’s apology is way too cute not to read about.

These two pups share Instagram and have 744k followers. People adore the pair. Recently the dogs were caught on tape together. Their mom took a video of her reprimanding Watson for stealing Kikos food. Before the video was taken Watson took Kikos special food.

After their mom noticed the unfortunate event, she told Watson to apologize. What happened next was too cute. Watson wrapped his paw around Kiko’s neck. Both Kiko and their mom approved of the incredibly sweet apology. Later, his mom posted the whole video on Instagram with the caption:


“The way he apologizes is so sweet. Can’t stay mad at that big fluff for too long. As you may know, Kiko has been having some health issues and this morning he wasn’t eating his food. So little naughty Watson took advantage of that. He apologized to his brother so it’s all good now 😂.”

Followers of Watson and Kiko’s newest video! People cannot believe the reaction Watson had. He must have felt really bad about eating his best friends food. We all make mistakes but it is amazing to see that even dogs know when they make mistakes.


Please share this adorable moment with friends. We should all follow in the steps of these dogs. For the record, this may be the cutest apology we have seen in a while.

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