Dogs & Cats Don't Get Along, Not This Family We Can't Believe How They Adore Each Other

When some people think of cats and dogs, they think that they are natural enemies.  While this may be true for some dogs and cats it’s certainly not true for all.  Some families are made up of several dogs and cats that live in complete harmony.

This is a story of two golden retrievers named Watson and Kiko along with their cat brother named Harry.

The trio’s 23-year-old owner loves capturing precious moments of these three living life.  From snoozing to going on adventures, you won’t want to miss these adorable photos. It looks like these three not only tolerate each other but rather love each other.

You Won’t Want To Miss These Photos

Have fun thinking up your own caption for this first one.  So cute!

Best Friends Forever

I have to wonder what they are thinking here as they gaze out the window in this photo below.  The middle one looks he’s taking a nap.

It looks like they have formed a heart here with their bodies.  So cozy!

Just three friends taking a nap. I’d love to see how they look in this pose full body.  So adorable!

Life just doesn’t get any better than this.  I’d like to be napping there with them. How about you?

Awe. I wonder if they are on vacation.  Maybe they sent their kitty a postcard.

“Please mom, take the photo and get us out of the bath.”

If you liked these photos, don’t forget to share them.  Life can be filled with such drama and sadness that sometimes just looking at animal photos can be therapeutic.  Make sure to share these with friends.

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