Dogs Are Enjoying The Beach, When This Comes Up From The Ocean They Are Stunned

There’s nothing like a day by the ocean, playing in the waves with your dogs.  But this day two dogs playing at the beach attracted another unexpected guest.

The video below shows a seal sneaking up on two unsuspecting dogs.  The seal doesn’t make a big deal he just rides the waves waiting to be noticed.  At first, the dog is shocked and a bit scared by the uninvited guest, but he soon warms up to the idea and starts swimming around with him.

It looks like they have fun together, first, the seal swims around the dogs.  When the second dog gets in the video it looks like they are just about ready to start stirring up the ocean.  It’s funny that the seal was not afraid of the strange creatures on the beach, but very excited to play with new friends.

Water Dog Meet Land Dogs

Seals Are Referred To As “The Dogs Of The Sea”

Maybe you call seals dog mermaids, sea puppies, or dogs of the sea, there certainly is no denying that seals have a striking resemblance to man’s best friend here on land. But just because they look alike doesn’t necessarily mean that they are related… Or does it?

Some scientists claim seals might be more closely related to bears or otters rather than dogs. Either way, I still think they might have some slight connection.  I mean, look at them.

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